About Us

Whaleful is a lead generation & retention company in the iGaming industry. We operate a portfolio of online media, producing engaging content and tools that connect our users to relevant partners around the world.


To build a trusted brand, we believe in transparent communication with our users all the way through. That's why we always disclose the nature of our affiliate business model in a clear and understandable manner. Our primary goal is to provide our users impartial and detailed content independently of driving performance to our partner brands.


As we operate in a highly regulated industry, we follow all national licensing rules and miscellaneous regulations to ensure compliance in all the markets we serve. Our commitment to compliance includes protecting our users personal data in line with GDPR and protecting our partner brands by upholding to their marketing guidelines. Furthermore we proactively monitor regulatory updates to the industry to ensure that we remain compliant with future regulations.


We believe a responsible user is an educated one. Throughout our products we consistently provide educational content about the importance of safe and responsible gaming. To that end we also provide users with external resources and support in an effort to promote a safer gaming environment.